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Poker Games

7 Mistakes You Can Commit at Poker Games

Poker has always intrigued new คา สิ โน สด players to give it a try because of how it is portrayed in ไทย บา คา ร่า movies. However, real-life poker games are much more professional and game-focused. The pros never really talk much on the table and focus on the game instead. If you are a beginner, you need to make sure that you do not get carried away with the idea of movies and all the action on the table to commit these mistakes.

Wasting time

Sure you have all the time you need to make your decision, but it does not mean that you have the time of your opponents as well. You also need to know that playing live will not let you play at multiple tables, so the more time you waste in one hand, the less time you will have to play more hands.


Rushing the hands

On the other hand, you do not have to rush your decisions because of the fear that others will get offended. Take your time to make a decision based on the hand you have, the cards on the table, and the possibility of the cards your opponents may have.

Drinking uncontrollably

The casinos are not being generous when they offer you free drinks. It is purely business for them, and they want you to drink more so you can stay more at the games. Also, the more you drink, the harder it will be for you to make decisions. Do not let your drinking habit interfere with your games, so you better avoid it.

Giving away information

The beginners are vulnerable among the pros in giving away valuable information. Avoid using your emotions during the game and learn the poker face. The more you let your emotions get influenced by the game and other players, the easy it will be for others to read your hand.

Playing random bets

Always have a reason when you make bets. Do not make the mistake of playing irrationally without any calculations. Many players make tiny or insane bets compared to the total pot, which is an easy way to lose a lot of money. Always calculate your money all the time to make informed decisions.

Getting distracted

Getting distracted

The rookies are too distracted from the games mostly because they do not know where to look. It can annoy other players as they have to wait for the rookie to catch up. Avoid being that guy who does not have their mind at the game. If you need to take a call, take a break from the table and join back later when you are fresh and ready to play again.


As a beginner, you will find many players at the table who will try to provoke you into making poor decisions. Know that everyone wants you to tilt and ruin your chances of winning. Do not let yourself get controlled by others. Even though they feel like they are controlling you, always be calm and hold your patience.



Casino Industry

Top 3 Famous Self-Made Whales of the Online Casino Industry

Online gambling industry is enhancing because of those gamblers who can’t restrict themselves from betting. Most of the bankers bet huge and loose, providing a massive set of money to the casino industry. Whereas, some of them bet a considerable amount and win back them. These extreme betters who gain a lot of money are known as the whales, the whales of the sea. There are a lot of such wealthy gamblers that have won against the house. The following paragraphs will tell a success tale of how the whales get the name ‘the whales”.

Charlie Carrel

Charlie Carrel

When you Google the name and see Wikipedia near to that name, you know that you are reading a celebrity or a famous person’s page. We can call Charlie Carrel as one of them. Charlie, known as Epiphany77, started the journey toward a successful life by initiating to play the rules of a five-card draw only at the age of 5. He started playing it with his parents and friends to sharpen his mind and focus more. At the age of 15, he realized the amount he is betting and gaining is considered as acorns when compared to money on the internet. He started his baby steps in PokerStars, achieved a second place in Sunday Million, and many other tournaments and challenges. All of which he won. Now he is said to have a net worth of at least £3 million.

Patricia Demauro

This lady is not like the other gamblers who are hungry to win. Patricia Demauro is a grandmother who invested all her money gained from gambling on a trip to the Disney land for her grandchildren. Her story is incredible. She had only played once before entering the big whales’ game. She started playing when she first came to Borgata Hotel Casino with a few of her friends and when she noticed one of them playing. When she stepped in to play, she played like a professional. She won a lot of bets and made at least $5000 within 4 hours. The amount is nothing when calculating the millions, but she is the contrast of an image for the online gambler.


Cynthia Jay

Cynthia Jay was a waitress at Monte Carlo casino, Las Vegas. She was busy planning her wedding in the year 2000. She planned a function to celebrate her fiancé’s mother’s birthday and decided to play slots at Megabucks casino. Cynthia started playing, she won some, and she lost many. But, then she spun for the 9th run and earned an amount of $34, 959,458. She was a lucky bride. Her marriage was about to happen within the next few weeks, and this win added special sweetness to her wedding.